Gordafarid Necklace
Gordafarid Necklace
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Gordafarid Necklace

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An old stock carnelian gem cut with a Sassanian-inspired design featuring a crowned figure riding a lion beneath a sun and moon. It is paired with a sparkling blue-green tourmaline. All set in sterling silver on a matching chain.

This necklace is named Gordafarid, for a heroine from the Persian "Book of Kings", written by the poet Abul-Qâsem Ferdowsi Tusi around 1000 AD. In the epic, she disguises herself as a man and fights for the sake of Persia against Sohrab and his invaders. She is regarded as a symbol of strength and wisdom to women everywhere.


Sterling silver, carnelian & tourmaline.

Pendant is approximately 1" long.

Chain is approximately 20" long.

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