Black Adept is the combined effort of goldsmiths Hattie & Ryan. We lived & worked in the New York jewelry industry for 8 years, and it's there that we cultivated a love of distant history and diverse cultures. From this experience we launched Black Adept in 2014 as the focused 2 person team it remains today. Since our marriage in 2018, we've moved to Michigan and have grown our business at our rural home studio where all of our work is fabricated and finished.

Throughout our experience and education in jewelry, we've gained an appreciation for the symbolism and the messages jewelry can convey. In their most literal form, maxims and mottos engraved into rings and pendants carry these messages. We believe that personal and family mottos are as relevant today as they were centuries past, and will gladly work with our customers to find or develop maxims to suit. It is in this manner that we have adopted "Amores atque res gestas per gemmas", Latin for "Love and history through jewels" as our motto. To accompany this we hallmark all of our work with a simplified bird and crescent moon, expressing our mutual love of birds and astronomical symbolism (visible as the favicon for this site). From antique sources we can provide a variety of historical phrases and mottos in English, Latin, French, German, and Spanish. Please contact us if you have any interest in this regard, or in relation to any other aspect of our work.